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Bio-Doze TM range of biochemicals are formulated on the original principals of immobilization of pure culture of Effective Microorganisms Solution, Liquid Manure(bacteria, yeasts fungi) or enzymes in stable porous carriers.

About Us

Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea - to empower the common man with the benefits of the Biotechnology by bringing the technology from the laboratory to the field. Bio-DozeTM is the branded biotechnology product arm of IKS Projects & Services (P) Ltd. It is created to empower the industrial, residential and commercial clients to get rid of environment related issues in a natural and regenerative way.

Acquiring a perfect mixture of pathogenic microbes with bio formulations of biological activators, nontoxic bacteria and micronutrients that come in existence to breakdown and digest fats, greases, olefins and vegetable oils suspended in wastewater. Following the principle of immobilization of pure cultures of bacteria, yeasts, fungi or any other any other kind of enzymes in permanent porous carriers, the chemicals offered by company are formulated.

Bio-DozeTM has been lead by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no idea was too big and no problem too difficult. With untiring innovation and determination, Steadily establishing itself across India and the world, Bio-DozeTM endeavors to simultaneously nurture the growth of its franchises and affiliates simultaneously.

Bio-DozeTM offers one stop shop for all the general requirements like liquid pollution control, facility management, bio-remediation, biochemical, solid waste management, agriculture range. It also aims to provide the personal level remedies in near future.Bio-DozeTM Products such as Biochemical Products, Effective Microorganisms Solution, Liquid Manure, Bio remediation Products are useful for bio-augmentation, bio-stimulation and as bio-catalyst, bio-restoration, bio-accelerators for natural way of solving human problems.

Benefits of using Bio-DozeTM  Products:

  • Each product contains over 76 different strains of bacteria.
  • The products helps in reducing nitrification and / or denitrification tank volume.
  • Safe & easy to handle.
  • Use of non toxic and non hazardous raw materials.
  • Helps in removing BOD and control fat oil and odor.
  • High stability in process
  • High organic removal rate and degradation of complex organics.
  • Consumes much less energy.
  • Lowers the production of sludge, which minimizes the need for sludge management.
  • Even highly fluctuating concentrations are being acted upon.
  • Maintain F/M ratio for industrial waste water deficit of nutrients.
  • Minimizing denitrification and/or nitrification tank volume.
  • Removes BOD in great level and percentage, Fat oil Grease control and odor control.
  • Consumes very less energy
  • Lower sludge production, reduction of sludge management.
  • High process stability, high organic removal rate and degrading of complex organics.
  • Responds to concentrations that are highly fluctuating.
  • Quiet active in extreme ammonia concentration.
  • Maintains the F/M ratio in the case where the industrial waste water lacks nutrients and hence is highly suitable for it.
  • Helps to recover from a condition thats upsetting.


What is Bio-DozeTM

If we have to define Bio-DozeTM, then it is the dry composition of bacterias concentration which is crafted especially to enhance the specific causes in the process. For instance in the scenario of waste water treatment units receiving high strength effluent. Four billions leads to single gram of product. On an average there are 76 variant strains of bacteria in each of the Bio-DozeTM which is based upon the type of formulation that tends to biodegrade all sorts of molecules. Such microbes adds to the efficiency of the plant without even increasing their capacity.

Principles of Bio-DozeTM action

We often consider bacteria as the harmful ones that causes infections but we are unaware of the fact that most of the bacteria are beneficial and potent that have participation in our ecological system to maintain the circle. Such bacteria are utilized by Bio-DozeTM process in order to keep the environment clean and free from harmful rays.

Why Choose Us?

  • The company is having more than ten years of experience in this field thus, very well understand all the aspects of the market.
  • Our corporation has attained client-oriented policies that are beneficial for us as well as business associates.
  • We are professional towards our business approaches and maintain complete transparency during the business deals.
  • We very totally supportive with the associates and always stood beside them even in the adverse situations.


Perks the Distributors Will Get

  • Our proficient technical and sales & marketing professionals will provide complete support to the distributors whenever they require.
  • The distributors will get the fair chance to enhance their own goodwill in the market by the Marketing and Advertisement at various platforms all across the country.
  • We offer great margins and profitable revenues on the investments.

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